How to Install Insulation Wall Batts

How to Install Insulation Wall Batts

shutterstock_317032337Installing Insulation wall batts in the wall cavity  
is quite easy. Before you start, you need to make sure all electricity is switched off, all electrical cables are safely out of your way and you are working in a clean and organised environment. If you are unsure about how to install insulation wall batts, here are a few steps instructing how to do this. Please note though, depending on your location (i.e. around down lights in your ceiling) make sure to follow any instructions provided by the light fitter or barrier manufacturer.

Tools needed for this project

  • 1.8 single sided aluminium step ladder
  • Dust mask
  • Safety knife
  • Leather/safety gloves
  • Designated insulation suitable for your project

Step 1: Firstly, before purchasing any size insulation, locate your desired area. If you wish to install insulation in your walls, you will need to purchase Wall BattsIf in your ceiling, then Ceiling batts.

Step 2: You will like to measure the span between your studs, in a case whether it would be 400mm, then you would want to purchase a 430mm Greenstuff R1.5 wall batt. Depending on your insulation levels and price range, you can always go with a higher rating, this is the “R1.5”.



shutterstock_117715069Step 3: After m
asuring the lenghts, trim your batts to size using your safety knife. Note: Cut the batts slightly longer to keep it nice and tight for installation. Once cute, insert your wall batts comepetely in between your studs leaving a nice snug finish

And you’re done!

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